*** Community Housing Network ***

Community Housing Network, an organization dedicated to finding housing for the disabled and disadvantaged in Oakland County, Michigan, came to us for multiple projects this year. We are pleased and excited to work with such a worthy organization.

Recently we traveled to multiple counties capturing images of the many people they have helped in the community. These photos are being used both on their web site and in their fund raising. We supplied pleanty of large prints and a slide show for this years "Homerun for Homelessness" fundraising event, along with photographing the event.

We also recently completed a DVD titled "Building Inclusive Communities" which includes interviews with both staff and those they serve, explaining how their orgainization serves the community.

Secure CD Study
Market Facts Motoresearch needed a way to conduct secure Internet surveys for General Motors that included high quality video. They came straight to Chronasoft. Read more...

The secure CD technology is available for licensing.

Ford Motor Parenting Network Video

Ford's Parenting Network, a department dedicated to supporting Ford employee families, brought in well known parenting experts Elaine Mazlish and Adele Faber to give a presentation. Elaine and Adele are the authors of "How To Talk So Kids Will Listen and Listen So Kids Will Talk". Al Bogdan was called in to record the event for the internal lending library and provide both VHS tapes and computer CDs that could be played at the employee's desk. The CD's were indexed so viewers could easily jump to chapters they were most interested in.

Video and audio production is available. We can deliver your video on DVD, Computer CD, Audio CD and tape.

Live And Instantaneous

Most of the video work that comes into the studio is for fully produced, scripted video, but this project was different. It had to be recorded live by one man, shot with multiple cameras covering up to a dozen people who were moving around a room viewing presentation materials. The final tapes, both a master and a VHS copy along with cassette tapes of the audio, would need to be handed off for transcription and review instantly after the taped session. Also, the audio and video would need to be viewed live over 300 feet from where it was being shot. Easy enough in a studio with a couple of people to run audio, camera and manage equipment. Doable by a company that specializes in such a shoot and has prepared special rigs and equipment. But can it be done by one man on a last minute emergency call with just a few weeks to prepare, transporting all the equipment and working 16 hour days for multiple days in a row in multiple states with no support from any other staff ? Sure it can, it just wasn't easy. Two cameras, seven microphones, an audio mixer, a video mixer, tripods, VCRs, tape-recording equipment, monitors, special video boosters and massive amounts of cabling, tapes, crates, and a lot of stamina. That's all it took. Even when the client decided at the last minute to no longer help transport the equipment on their truck as was promised, we were still able to arrange last minute transportation on the airline, and even when the airline was one day late getting the equipment to the location we were still able to complete the shoot! As they say, where there's a will, there's a way, though it helps to be a bit crazy about just getting the job done.

Contact us about live taping and live monitoring as well as full video production.

Let The Still Images Move

We were contacted to produce a video, but some out-of-the-box thinking inspired us to suggest a slightly different route. The project would require a large photo shoot anyway, so why not shoot extra images and do high quality scans which could then be used as motion video. Al Bogdan flew out to California to shoot the film. He then used high resolution film scans and turned the high resolution stills into motion video. The outcome was a high quality video tour. We panned across objects and zoomed into the images to display close ups as needed, giving a movie like feel. Plus, the video perfectly matched the photographs used throughout the rest of the marketing study giving a consistent feel and impression.

A lot of digital photography is done in the studio. Contact us about any project needs, including print, web and video.