Database Explorer On CD-ROM

Chronasoft has produced many CDs that allow the user to search and sort the data included. This data can be images, audio files, videos, or any other media type. Such CD's are valuable when the users need to explore the information included. This functionality can be used to browse a catalog or examine collected research data.

Chronasoft database CDs never require any installation by the user. Simply insert the CD and off they go.

While many of these interfaces are specifically built for particular projects, we also have a basic framework for the project with a tight deadline and budget. The base framework is a resizable window with a category tree on the left and data display on the right. This example shows the data from a research project that included audio statements. A data card with information about the person displays and controls to play the audio clip appear under it.

To change how the data is arranged in the list simply display the Sort window and add or remove items from the Sort List.

Hopefully this general overview of the standard framework gives you an idea of some of what is possible with a database CD-ROM.